My campaign team has been working to get my platform together and I am ever grateful for their support!

Protecting Our Treaty Rights

Of course within each of our communities we have so many issues that need to be addressed as well as the emergencies that happen in each of our communities.  I strongly believe that we must protect our “Treaty Rights” for our children, youth, women, elders and for those unborn!  We must continue to lobby hard for those inherent rights such as education, health, housing, resources, lands, and economic development; I believe that I must be transparent and accountable to the grassroots people, your people, and our people and to the Chiefs.  There is a fiduciary obligation that the Federal and Provincial governments must never brush aside.  I plan to be vigilante and will always remind them of that!


I have experience working in communities, and how the structures of government works as I was Chief in my own community for (5-2 year terms) 10 years.  I have always believed that my voice must be strong, true and honest for my people and I am passionate about the Nishnawbe people and they deserve so much more, especially our children, my children and the most important our future children.  Their RIGHTS need to be protected as well as the land we all dwell on.

Anybody that knows me knows that I am a humble person and it is hard to talk about my accomplishments but I am told by my campaign team that I must talk about them. 

  • I have sat on the Chiefs Committee on Education and spoke with all chiefs whether locally, regionally or nationally on the importance of education and our inherent right to education. Education includes our identity, our language, our connection to the land and we need to teach our children this, so that they will always identify with who we are.  I stood up strong when Bill-C33 tried to eradicate that right through the Harper Government’s agenda.  I was very passionate about this, as it is an Inherent Right.  I have always supported education and will continue to advocate solidly.  I will not be pushed down concerning any Inherent Right encroachments.  I stay true to our Treaties.  Signing our treaties was a treaty with the Federal and then the Provincial governments.


  • I have also negotiated with the mining companies for Mattagami to develop IBAs, I made sure that each IBA would bring security to our children by ensuring employment, social needs, education and the impacts on the environment are minable. IBAs are unique to each First Nation and it is developed through what the community wants, it’s all about respect and consultation with each of the First Nations and the mining company but neither can they come in and take!  This is our land and our resources.  They must consult!


Strong Advocate

There is much respect for our youth, our future leaders, we must guide them and show them what their leadership can bring to the table and that they have a voice, a strong voice! I have been lucky to have met so many of our youth from all across NAN and Canada.  They have always surprised me with their intelligence, their questions, their humour but most importantly their honesty and how they see the world around them.  I am deeply honoured to have met them, and they feel confident that I will be their voice and bring their issues forward.  I am confident that I will see many of these youth being innovative, honest and tearing down the barriers around us with passion, integrity and determination!

I will be a strong advocate for our women, the givers of life.  I am a warrior and will protect our women through adversity and will support them.  I believe that our women need our protection but also our support.  With the national attention on the Missing and Murdered Women and girls, they need our men to protect them.

The most important are the Elders which I always turn to for guidance, their wisdom and teachings guide me to keep moving forward and to remember where I came from, not to forget that I am a strong Anishnawbe man!

  • I have advocated for my community as Chief and was able to get designation for Kunuwanimano Child Services, a NAPS Police Station in our community, was instrumental on having a Fish Hatchery where the now release approximately 1 million fries a year into the waters of the Mattagami River System. And with my voice I plan to continue to advocate hard for the NAN Territory.


  • I challenged the CN Rail when their oil tanks derailed in our territory not once but twice and have strongly voiced our objection on their handling of the cleaning up of the oil spill. I lobbied hard at the Ministry of environment, both federal and provincial to ensure that they cleaned those spills for 3 years.  I was able to have Dr. Suzuki come and look at the devastation and for his help in shaming CNR to do more!


  • I have met and set up meetings with the various government ministries, and advocated either through supporting or voicing concerns/objections.


  • I have been invited as “guest speaker” in many different capacities, such as ministry meetings, weddings, our youth, rallies, at colleges, retirement, our local High School in Timmins.


  • I have been invited to march with and support our communities, our youth, our women, our elders, Idle No More and marched to INAC with our youth and Chiefs where we ended up being locked out of the offices in Thunder Bay.


My Vision for our Future

I see Indigenous Affairs Northern Canada (INAC) as an institution, who in reality, does not truly benefit our people.  In a perfect world all of NAN should be the governing body, one that is financially that distributes band support funds in a transparent manner to meet the needs of each NAN First Nation. In eliminating INAC, the money holders or as some say our trustees, then and only then will there ever be total freedom.  INAC is like our babysitter and can feed us when they want but if we beg hard, they will give some scraps just enough to get by, while the rest of the money allocated to First Nations will pay for INAC’s families, to pay for their children’s tuition, ballet classes, hockey, skating lessons, music instrument classes, and make themselves better citizens, to groom themselves to look after our interests. In reality INAC is afraid of their money tower to topple for one day the Anishnawbe will take back that which is rightfully ours!  Like a thief in the night INAC came with smooth words like the finest silk and spoke with a forked tongue of many promises “for as long as the sun shall shine, and the rivers flow” this part remains to be true the rest has been lies.  While Canada celebrates the 150 and marvel with finesse of what great deeds accomplished in the name of nation building the great pillars of society, all in good standing with the rest of the world, if only the truth be known.  It seems better to mislead rather than shed light on Canada’s greatest lies, yes, we talk of building a nation but who’s nations could it be?  The one that we call a reservation? The one Canada made to segregate, to starve the people, all the atrocities government placed on our people so they could take and take.  This needs to stop and we need to be unified, together we will get it done! Let me be your voice! Let me be your servant!  Can we fix it? YES we can!!

I know that Ford has led his campaign on acquiring the north for his promises and his words say he has no respect for our people. Ford only sees dollar signs he does not see our children, our youth, women and men.  If Ontario/Canada can celebrate 150 years while in the process neglecting the First Peoples.  I will uphold that legacy of protecting the lands in NAN.  It’s not Ford Nation in Northern Ontario, it’s a NAN NATION!

In Closing

Finally, I would also like acknowledge Regional Chief Roseanne Archibald a woman who brings knowledge to her position an understanding of our issues that NAN has, this is her territory and I believe that her heart is with her people! And to acknowledge National Chief Perry Bellegarde.  BaaMaaPii!


On August 15th, 2018 please give me your vote and I will give you my dedication, perseverance and voice for your issues!



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